Drink Less, Live More

This is a podcast for women that are gray-area drinkers that are looking to evaluate their relationship with alcohol. We’ll tackle the root cause(s) of why you’re running to the wine and help you explore what relationship you want with alcohol in the future. Zero judgement zone here. You get to choose what is best for you, we just have to quiet the noise around you so you can hear your instincts again.

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Wednesday Aug 31, 2022


Wednesday Aug 24, 2022

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Wednesday Aug 17, 2022


Wednesday Aug 10, 2022


Wednesday May 04, 2022

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Wednesday Apr 27, 2022

Learn more about Drink Less, Live More

Wednesday Apr 20, 2022


Wednesday Apr 13, 2022

We all do it. We tell ourselves we'll start the diet, or start working out, or cut back drinking when....... Here's the bad news. There will never be a good or convenient time.  www.rachelpritz.com

Wednesday Apr 06, 2022

Fitting in vs. belonging is everywhere in our culture, especially with alcohol.   www.rachelpritz.com


Drink Less, Live More

Rachel Pritz, RN, MSN spent nearly 2 decades in healthcare. She is now a certified life coach and helps women create lives they don't have to escape from regularly.

This podcast is for gray area drinkers that would like to cut back or quit drinking all together. We did into the root cause of your over-drinking and kick the wine to the curb once and for all. If you are wanting to evaluate and create a healthier relationship with alcohol, this podcast is for you. 

This is not medical advice. If you cannot stop drinking without withdrawals, please consult a medical provider. If you've been diagnosed with substance use disorder, consult an expert.

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